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Professional IT Consulting, Project Management and Software Implementation Services.
For Businesses of all Sizes! Quality Made in Germany!


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Our highly skilled individuals from a large talent pool ensure the best fit for each project.With decades of experience in IT process optimization, our expert team applies proven patterns for your success.


Kriegel Consulting blends software development experience for startups and global players with a drive for business strategy optimization. Our IT passion and full stack expertise make us the top choice for end-to-end consultation.


We value trust and inclusivity in our work environment, welcoming diverse talents. Skill level is our sole criteria, ensuring protection against hostility for all individuals, regardless of background and sexual orientation.

Our Services

Taylored To Your Specific Needs.

Management & Strategic Planning

Kriegel Consulting GmbH specializes in C&O advisory, IT project management, strategic planning, and digital transformation. We ensure timely and budget-friendly project milestones. Your ideal partner for end-to-end IT solutions.

System Architecture - 
Evaluation & Design

Maximize business potential with our advanced IT services, driving efficiency, scalability, and innovation. From system architecture to RPA implementation, leverage our computer science expertise for industry leadership.

Assessments & Analyses

Data Cloud

Enhance IT procurement with our tailored solutions, including strategic guidance, data-driven initiatives, and emerging tech adoption. Gain actionable insights and outpace competition. Your ideal consultancy partner!

Workshops & Speaker Slots
Tailormade On-Site Engagements

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Unleash the potential of emerging tech. Empower your IT teams and end-users with our engaging workshops, comprehensive training materials, and experienced expert speakers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to book your event and secure a customized appointment!

Word From Our Founder

Florian Kriegel - Founder & CEO

Dear Visitor,

At Kriegel Consulting, we strive to digitize the world by creating useful software for SMBs and corporate businesses. Our focus goes beyond software solutions; we offer valuable consultancy services and a strong network of implementation partners.

Our team provides expert consultancy to guide you through the complexities of the digital landscape, helping you make informed decisions. We have partnered with experienced professionals who ensure seamless integration and successful implementation of our solutions.

Experience the power of our software experience, supported by our consultancy and implementation partners.

Thank you for choosing Kriegel Consulting for your digital transformation.

Warm regards,

Florian Kriegel
CEO, Kriegel Consulting

Das Bild bleibt!


What Our Clients Say


"Florian's values-driven approach benefits clients, colleagues, and the community. His continuous self-improvement and knowledge sharing keep him relevant in IT and empower others. His open-mindedness, eloquence, and ability to simplify complex scenarios make him a trusted advisor. With technical expertise and leadership skills, Florian achieves the best results for all."

Torben Franzke - ContiTech AG

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